Produção criativa para cinema e tv

About us

About us

Okna is the Polish word for windows.

It carries, therefore, the company’s essence: our productions are windows to the world, reaching everyone through exhibition screens.

Founded in 2006 by producer Aletéia Selonk, Okna Productions produces content and is dedicated to making projects for theater and television.

Specialized in production and executive production of audiovisual products, it manages projects and creative talents.

Its catalog, with 8 feature films, 19 medium-length films, 18 short films and 6 TV series, makes the company one of the most active in southern Brazil.

We are present in festivals, screenings, market events, development laboratories in the 5 continents of the world and have already establish partnerships with production companies from Uruguay, Argentina, France, Germany and Italy.


I am a space for creation.
I have many ideas and, more than that, willingness to make them happen.
I create universes. I create movements. I create inspiration.
I like people and, because of that, I also build bonds, connections, opportunities to be together.

I like smiling, takings deep breaths, looking with depth and speaking softly.
I appreciate vibrant energies and light serene constant flows.

I like opening a window to look ahead, to look outside. And with that vision I see myself, too.
I like opening windows to frame in them talents, inventions, fictions, realities.

I am Okna.


Okna’s team is formed by the producers: