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We are a production company. We produce audiovisual content.

Our inspiration comes from producing relevant compelling stories that hit the exhibition screens to move our audience. We manage projects and talents, focusing in creative production for theaters and television. Our catalog contains more than 50 productions featured in festivals, TV channels and streaming platforms for local and international markets. Our history begins in 2006, the year of our foundation. Our headquarters is in Porto Alegre, the capital city of Rio Grande do Sul, a southern state in Brazil.

Watch and know everything about Okna’s productions.

Short, medium-length and feature films, as well as series, are available in our catalog.

Festival Project Seed

We value the encounter of the audience with films. For that reason, we also work on actions of exhibition and diffusion.

Training Project

Our experience made us create a training program for audiovisual production. This is how we get to learn together and build a path of evolution for the audiovisual market.

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