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Okna Produções is a production company based in Porto Alegre, in southern Brazil. Founded in 2006 by producer Aletéia Selonk, Okna is dedicated to the production of content for cinema and television.

It has 6 feature films, 22 medium length films and 20 short films, in addition to 4 television series,in its catalogue. Together, the films have been included in hundreds of national and internationalfilm festivals and have won several awards.

Okna Produções manages not only projects, but also talents, acting as a creative production company. The company has a preference for original projects that might resonate with Brazilian and global audiences. Today, Okna develops projects in co-production with Argentina, France,Germany, Italy and Uruguay.

The Okna´s team is supported by the producers:

Aletéia Selonk

Producer with more than 20 years of professional experience. Since Okna’s creation, she has been dedicating to the management of talents and audiovisual projects, from creation to commercialization, acting as creative producer. She holds a PhD in Social Communication (PUCRS), with a degree from Sourbonne (Paris V), and she teaches production at the Audiovisual Production Graduation Course (Teccine), at PUC-RS. She also coordinates Tecna - Audiovisual Technological Center of RS.

Graziella Ferst

Executive Producer of audiovisual projects, she has in her curriculum awarded works of short, medium and feature films, as well as TV series. At Okna, she is responsible for coordinating all the company's projects. Specialist on Cinema by Unisinos and graduated in Public Relations from UFRGS.

Marlise Aúde

Journalist with specialization in Audiovisual production by PUC-RS and Documentary Shooting by the International School of Film and Television of San Antonio de Los Banos, in Cuba. With several years of experience in the audiovisual market, she has already acted as producer, coordinator, executive producer and director in cable channels, public channels and independent producers.

Nora Carús

Public Relations (PUCRS) with specialization in Audiovisual Production at Darcy Ribeiro Film School / RJ, with emphasis on Executive Production. With 26 years of experience in film and TV, she has worked as assistant production, casting, and production director, editing assistance, director of drafting, administration and elaboration of audiovisual projects.