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Seeds of Tomorrow

Seeds of Tomorrow

Digital 2019 13 episodes of 26 minutes


The series shows endangered Brazilian foods by revealing the causes and consequences of the problem, their relation to biomes andtheir social-economic impact. It is a journey to Brazil that connects the audience to stories, places and species, thus inspiring people to fight for preservation

Seeds of Tomorrow is a documentary series that will feature endangered Brazilian foods. The series is intended to shed light on the problem of extinction of animals and plants in Brazil. The causes, the consequences, the relation to biomes, the economic and social impact, the urgency of the matter and the need of taking action to avoid the extinction of such foods.

To counterbalance this situation, the show will present an optimistic vision of the future based on the activity of communities, social organizations, enterprises and governmental institutions as transforming agents, which are capable of facing the threat of extinction through sustainable actions and pedagogical attitudes that will educate newer generations to be engaged with the environment issue. With an exchange among environment, society and culture, the series Seeds of Tomorrow will also be a journey to Brazil, which will connect the audience to stories, places and species that inspire people to fight for preservation.