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Sacred and Profane

Sacred and Profane

Digital 2019 8 episodes of 26 minutes


The series brings up the close relation between art and fashion by showing how different artistic manifestations have influenced fashion designers in Brazil and in the world. In each episode, an artistic movement is featured through various narrative approaches, with the interview format combined to the poetic style of fashion films

Fashion is, nowadays, considered by many to be one of the most important forms of applied art. SACRED AND PROFANE, a documentary series directed by Pedro Zimmermann, shows how different artistic manifestations have influenced the creations of designers in Brazil and all over the world.

Even without following trends suggested by famous designers, people end up showing signs of their culture and behavior through their clothes. In the last decades, fashion has been an important element in the construction of individual identity as well as of social expression. The documentary series of 8 episodes of 26 minutes each will deliver to its audience a wide vision of artistic production in the fashion world and its influence on social behavior.