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Filme Point Zero

Point Zero

Digital 2016 94 min


While trying to escape from a claustrophobic family background, Enio, a 14-year-old boy, braves a tempestuous night that will take him to a brutal shock against fate.

POINT ZERO is a single instant, a tiny amount of time that connects – or disconnects – past and future. Even if we could divide time in progressively smaller fractions, we could never find the present, as there would always be another division, endlessly. But if we could find this instant in time, it would be squeezed between the immediate past and immediate future. Everything that is felt is actually memory. The film brings this “point zero” into the life of a young protagonist, Enio, who at only 14 years old faces a crucial moment in his life.


The project was selected to participate in CARTÉ BLANCHE, a section in Locarno Festival for screening films that are being finalized. In 2014, the festival has paid homage to Brazil by selecting 7 films – among the 45 subscribed – to show them firsthand to the main curators of international festivals, sales agents and distributors in the world.

The feature won the awards for Best Editing and Best Sound in the 2015 Gramado Film Festival and was selected for the Sao Paulo International Film Festival and for the Biffan Festival – Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival in South Korea.