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What Men Are For

What Men Are For

Digital 2014 4 episodes of 15 minutes


The series depicts in a humorous way two inseparable friends getting to their forties. Beto is the worker, the long-time married family man whose problems surround his two daughters’ welfare. Gabriel is the womanizer, the bachelor who dates more women than, deep down, he would like to. With these two men and their conversations, one may discover the secrets of masculinity: their doubts and most private desires. Underneath the macho surface, two men passionate with women are revealed.

Beto and Gabriel got to their forties as inseparable friends. They have been pals since high school in spite of their different lifestyles. Beto is married, with two daughters to whom he doesn’t have time; Gabriel is a singleton who owns a used car shop and has a young girlfriend. Everything would have stayed the same if July vacations hadn’t brought them some changes. After taking his family to Porto de Galinhas, Beto gets fired. As for Gabriel, he goes to Bariloche and finds trouble: his girlfriend is down with the flu and they end up getting back from their “honeymoon” separated.

In the midst of the dream of setting up his own business, Beto will have to deal with his workaholic and jealous wife, with his 18-year-old daughter, and with his youngest daughter, who insists in coming into the bedroom when things start getting hot and heavy.

His friend Gabriel gets involved with many different women: the sporty one from the park, the slim cyclist, the kitchen chef, and even the businesswoman who fired Beto.

Passionate with women, they will kill cockroaches and do whatever it takes to show WHAT MEN ARE FOR.