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Filme Nalu on the Border

Nalu on the Border

Digital 2016 94 min


Ruben and Nalu live in the countryside, next to the Brazil-Uruguay border. When he notices that his daughter, with 16 years old, is already a woman, a strange proximity emerges between them. The initial strangeness gives place to jealousy, when Rosario, an attractive Uruguayan woman, starts to gain space in both lives.

Shot in 2015, in Rio Grande do Sul’s countryside, the feature brings Marat Descartes and Maria Galant’s work to the big screen as protagonists of the plot, that tells the story of Ruben and Nalu, father and daughter who need to relearn how to relate with each other, after the grandmother’s passing. It had an outstanding record in the development stage, winning national and international prizes


The project had an outstanding record in its development stage. It was selected for the Talent Project Market, where it won the VFF Talent Highlight Pitch Award, and was presented at the Coproduction Market at Berlin Festival. It was also selected for the Produire au Sud workshop, at the 3Continents Festival (in Nantes, France) and it won the Santander Cultural Award for Development. With this path, the project had its complete funding from the Co-production program Brazil/Uruguay – Ancine/Icau, Ibermedia and in the first line for language renovationreleased by the Audiovisual Sector Fund.

It has debuted on the festival circuit in October 2016, in Rio Festival, receiving Best Director Award to Cristiane Oliveira, Best Photography to HeloisaPassos and Best Supporting Actress to VéronicaPerrota. The international release was in 2017, at Berlin International Festival, in the Generation14-plus exhibition, being part of the schedule in one of the biggest and most important festivals in the world. The film was selected in 21 national and international festivals and was awarded with 18 prizes, such as Best Film by popular jury, by critics and by the official jury. The feature was released in Uruguayan theaters, in May 2017 and in Brazil, in June of the same year, being exhibited on 26 cities.