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Ideas for the World

Ideas for the World

Digital 2019 3 episodes of 26 minutes


IDEAS FOR THE WORLD is an audiovisual series composed by three documentaries that investigate the life and work of important contemporary thinkers rooted in Jewish culture: David Grossman, ÉlisabethRoudinesco and Pierre Levy. Great personalities and intellectual influencers will be exposing, in an intimate and detailed way, the basis of their personal and professional trajectories. In each episode, a different character. In each character, a different emphasis: politics, religion, culture and tecnology.

Documentary series that features the intellectual history of important thinkers from the Jewish culture. The narrative is elaborated with the intention of understanding such personalities and the complexity of their biographies, résumés and social contributions by makingaccessible the reasons for their renowned and important personalities. David Grossman, an Israeli writer, is one of the most important and engaged contemporary fiction writers to support the solution of two States for the conflict between Israel and Palestine. ÉlisabethRoudinesco is a French historian and psychoanalyst, author of the biographies of Jacques Lacan and Sigmund Freud. Pierre Lévy is a French philosopher who is considered one of the most important world specialists on the matters of the internet and digital tecnological cultures. Besides its inner content’s richness in many subjects, the project intends to preserve and update a precious memory by offering to the newer generations the comprehension of the basis upon which part of human history has been built, through the lenses of the Jewish culture.