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Filme The Last Road to the Beach

The Last Road to the Beach

Digital 2011 93 min


Leo, Norberto and Paula are much more than friends. At the beginning of a beach trip, they meet a stranger who doesn’t speak. The group of four goes on travelling, savoring the journey without any hurry. While the silent friend faces his fears, Leo, Norberto and Paula dive into the boundaries of a love triangle. In the endless sands of southern beaches, they discover it’s impossible to be cheerful all the time.

Inspired in the work O LOUCO DO CATI, by the Brazilian writer Dyonelio Machado, the story is an adventure involving three friends and a strange man. They travel along the coast of southern Brazil and, together, live singular experiences. The book was the initial fuel for a journey that mixes an unknown, mysterious individual with a love triangle.


The film has started its trajectory in national festivals in 2010, participating in important national events such as Gramado Film Festival, Semana dos Realizadores and Sao Paulo International Film Festival. In the 1st Lume International Film Festival, in 2011, it won the Best Director Award; in the 4th Triunfo Film Festival, the film won the awards for Best Director, Best Actor (Rafael Sieg), Best Actress (MiriãPossani), Best Sound and Best Art Directiont; at the FestCineMaracanau, it has won the Honorable Mention prize. In the international circuit, it has been selected to participate in the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma in Montreal, Canada.