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Filme The Adventures of the Red Airplane

The Adventures of the Red Airplane

35mm/digital 2014 73 min


The film tells the story of Fernandinho, a 8-year-old boy who has recently lost his mother and became a lonely boy with relationship problems with his father and at school. Without knowing how to deal with the situation, his father tries to captivate him with gifts. Nothing seems to work until he gives a book from his own childhood to his son. Enchanted by the story, Fernandinho decides he needs an airplane to save CaptainTormenta, anpilot from the book who is stuck in Kamchatka. On board of the Red Airplane along with his favorite toys Ursinho and Chocolate, who become alive with his imagination, Fernandinho goes to unusual places, such as the Moon and the depths of the sea, also reaching different territories, like Africa, China, India, Russia. Throughout his journey, Fernandinho discovers the pleasure of reading, the importance of having friends and the love of his father.

The children's animated film THE ADVENTURES OF THE RED AIRPLANE is an adaptation of Erico Verissimo's classic tale, published in 1936 that talks about imagination. It is through the book that the main character, Fernandinho, travels the world, overcoming fears and making discoveries that will mark his life forever.


The film has participated in important events in the international market: Docmeeting and Expotoons (Buenos Aires, Argentina), ForoIbero-Americano de Huelva (Spain), Creative Focus at Annecy International Animated Film Festival (France) and the Financing Forum at BUFF Film Festival (Sweden).

It has been screened in several festivals. Between them, there are the International Children’s Film Festival (FICI), the Florianopolis Children’s Film Festival, the Mostrinha de Cinema Tiradentes and the Gramado Film Festival.The film was also nominated to the 2015 Great Award of Brazilian Cinema in the categories of Best Children’s Film and Best Animation Film.